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Regenerative aquaculture by design


Accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable and regenerative food production

NuAgua is a water treatment and biotechnology engineering company

focused on aquaculture  

Somos expertos en agua y biotecnología que operamos en Colombia, México y los Países Bajos. Nos enfocamos en la acuicultura por su impacto y potencial son impresionantes 
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Aquaculture producers 

Do you produce fish and want to dramatically increase production while decrease mortality

Check out our advanced aeration and biological treatment solutions.  

The benefits of RAS without the high cost

Who are you?


Looking to fund a promising and impactful  Agri-tech company

Download the pitch Deck  and white paper 

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Let's Collaborate 

NuAgua operates under the Slicing Pie model  a great and innovative way to give equity to all collaborator and small investors

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