Water treatment and advance aeration  Solution as a service (SaaS) 

Becoming the external engineering and R&D for Aquaculture growers. 
To radically increase production, survival rate, while reducing cost and pollution.

The solution is financed and operated by Nuagua and gets paid itself from the increased profits.



Nuagua's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable and regenerative food production

We tackle it by implementing engineering and biotechnology as a service in the global south. 

To break the vicious cycle of an imperialistic economy of extraction and environmental degradation.
A better way is possible by implementing  biotechnology with a biomimicry perspective. 

Areas of Expertise

Pack of Barracudas

Integrated Aquaculture

Water Tanks

Water treatment 


Cooling Towers

Meet The Founders

Hector Nava
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Global, tri-lingual water engineer with 10 years of experience in water treatment and business development.
Introducing Water technologies in Latam and Europe.
Connecting the dots between water engineering, biotechnology, and start-ups


Mauricio Barreto

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Mauricio is a lateral thinking genius with 15+ years on water treatment. From Large Oil and Gas projects to complex industry wastewater treatment.  A passion for biotechnology and growing things. 
A PhD. In bio-reactors and advanced gas to liquid aeration process 

We are the sum total of a 14 billion years chain of unbroken evolution.
Life and consciousness are simply too precious, we need to preserve and expand them.

By reading and implementing the manual for  Spaceship Earth.
We live in a magnificent spherical spaceship with finite resources where everything is recycled.
A circular system is an infinite system.
Now we have the awareness and knowledge to engineer a  sustainable and regenerative environment.
Biotechnology with a biomimicry perspective.