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Because we are the sum total of a 14 billion years chain of unbroken evolution. Life and consciousness are simply too precious, we need to preserve and expand them.


By reading and implementing the manual for  Spaceship Earth. We live in a magnificent spherical spaceship with finite resources where everything is recycled. A circular system is an infinite system. Now we have the awareness and knowledge to engineer a sustainable and regenerative environment. Biotechnology with a biomimicry perspective. 

The People Behind

Two best friends bet everything for a dream;  To create a Regenerative food production system using  biomimicry design. This means the super enhancement of natural processes.
A system that is environmentally, socially, and financially regenerative in Latin America.

Armed with a Ph.D. in biotechnology from the Netherlands and 15 years of experience in water treatment engineering. Also, the certainty that 50 times! productivity increase is possible through technology and biotech knowledge.

Took a plunge into the Blue Revolution, invest all their money, and open a company in Amsterdam and in Armenia, Colombia. 


Meet the Team

hector picture.jpg.png

Founder - 

Hector Nava 

Civil engineer, M.Sc. in Water Treatment Engineering

Water engineer, business developer and entrepreneur. Connecting the dots to engineer a better world. 10+ years in international business development for Cleantech.

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Foto corporativa MEC.jpeg

Product manager

Melissa Espejo

Marine biologist, M.Sc (C) in Animal Production (aquaculture)

With affinity for research in the field of fish nutrition. In favor of sustainable aquaculture through the implementation of technologies.

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Advisory Board

Claudia Rodriguez

Ocean engineer, Ms.c. ocean engineering 

Consultant in post-growth entrepreneurship

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Advisory Board

Kirsten Coppoolse

Art Historian, Ms. Religion and Identity in the Modern World

Co-Founder and COO of New Fork. Blockchain for Agritech.

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Mauricio Barreto

Environmental and sanitary engineer, M.Sc. Sanitary engineer and Ph.D. in Biotechnology

A later thinker with a passion for biotechnology and solving problems.15+ years of experience in water and wastewater treatment.

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Advisory Board


Entrepreneur, business owner and steward of nature. Partnership development and marketing strategies. 

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Advisory Board


Former director of United Farms. Leader in developing high tech horticulture industry in Mexico. Founder of Brisket.

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