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The list below represents a small fraction of our experience and successful projects. 

Examples where water knowledge and technology brings great results. 


Large Scale Power Plant. China
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Installation to date is at 2 hyperbolic cooling towers at Fengtai power plant in China, treating 150,000 m³/hr - approx. 870 MW per cooling tower.

The plant saves millions of dollars per year in saved water and chemicals

Circular economy and reuse. Netherlands
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Producers of milk powder treat their condensate water normally as wastewater. Besides the environmental impact, this flow creates unnecessary costs because of the freshwater usage as well as the water discharge costs. By disinfection, Cow water (or Brüdencondensate) can be reused as suppletion water for Cooling towers, Ice water or as Cleaning in Place water to clean eg plant and trucks

An integrative ozone solution in transforms cooling towers into the circular economy by reusing water waste or other alternative water sources.   

Shopping mall. Hawaii. 
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The Central Pacific Plaza bank building in Honolulu, Hawaii, was cooled by two 300 ton cells and one 75 ton cell.

Results: Biocide chemical was reduced by 85% and bacteria levels reduced from 100,000 CFU to 1,000 CFU. Blow-down reduced by 50% and Conductivity remained stable at 1245 ~ 1295 Micro Siemens.

The impressive results with a low cost, low CapEx clamp on solution

On-site disinfection on F&B Industry. 

Independence of chemical supplier by on-site biocide generation.

This treated, and therefore sterilized water, is being used for the cooling water in the heat exchangers and thus keeping the cooling water (for the injection mold machine where the plastic milk bottles are being produced) free from any bacterial contamination.

The same factory uses BlueSense’s in-line OXAQUA system to sanitize the water, used to prevent dust explosions in the dry milk powder towers.