Chemical Free

Sustainable Cooling Tower Treatment 


A NuAgua company, Synergy CT specialized in sustainable cooling water treatment technologies.  Our goal is to implement innovative water technology.

Synergy CT identifies the water technologies, make a design for your specific project needs and compares them technically and on their return on investment


Making sure you have the best solution, with the best return to be able to have a move towards a chemical-free sustainable treatment 




Cooling towers (CT) currently represent inefficient systems wasting water and money, lacking knowledge and respect for water, following the old paradigm of dosing chemicals and polluting.


Our vision is to transform cooling towers from forgotten costly polluters to water innovation hubs.

High-efficiency gains in terms of water, chemicals and $$$. Instant savings and a short ROI


Standard projects, no matter the industry, the CT behave the same. Global expertise applied to your site


Production would not be affected by technology implementation

A better, lower cost, sustainable water treatment is possible.


By solving the 4 issues of cooling towers with innovative water solutions.

Biofouling  I  Scaling  I  Corrosion I  Suspended solids



Identify the best water treatment technologies worldwide that provide a better and sustainable solution then perform a stringent technical and economical validation for each technology.

Propose technology combinations so an integral control of the CT is achieved.



On top of that perform a CapEx, OpEx and Total Cost of Ownership analysis to compare technology cost vs benefits to determine a real ROI. Do this as an independent and trusted expert to truly select the optimal solution for each site.

Not just cheapest, not the shiniest, nor the one who took your field engineer for drinks. The truly optimal solution with technical and financial validation.



In Synergy CT we are revolutionizing the cooling tower operation by helping clients evolve to better, lower cost and sustainable treatment.





The founder of Synergy CT, Hector Nava, lead an unprecedented study commissioned by the Oil & Gas leader while working for a water consultancy specialized in water innovation and emerging technologies.

As a result, innovative technologies capable of a better solution were identified and validated worldwide.


Synergy CT was founded to implement the top-ranked technologies and revolutionize the cooling towers treatment industry.



Synergy CT has a unique value proposition.

Independent technical due diligence to select best technologies


A business model that will allow clients to evolve towards a better treatment seamlessly 

A complete analysis including technical feasibility, a total cost of ownership and ROI comparing the best solutions worldwide

Cooling towers are far from the area of expertise from your O&M team.

Let our global expertise works for you to provide an efficient economical,
sustainable and marketing win



The quality of the water determines the process efficiency. Poor water quality = big water and $$$ losses.


Cooling towers are complex water systems where hardness (scaling), dissolved ions (corrosion) and particles have to be removed.  Additionally, microbiology growth has to be prevented (biofouling and Legionella control). In short, is not easy.

The real problem is that O&M staff lacks water expertise.  Additionally, traditional water treatment systems used in industry (RO as an example) are too expensive, too wasteful and the produced water is corrosive. Not suitable for CT.


These factors push companies to subcontract chemical suppliers. But chemicals do not remove any of the causing factors (scaling, ions, particles, neither microbiology) therefore offensive quantities of water and chemicals are wasted every day. 


Currently, cooling tower treatment follows the old paradigm of water. Water is being seen as a plenty commodity of low value, dosing chemicals, wasting water and don't give a second thought. A paradigm shift is required, not only the solution is here but also our world cannot cope with our disrespect for water.






Technical consulting and design to identify and compare the best technologies. 


Select optimal solution based on your site requirements.


Technical and financial analysis.



You are busy running your business. Synergy CT will support in each step of the way. 
After technology selection, Synergy CT  supports with for data collection, detail engineering design, and implementation.



Synergy CT can support securing finance to implement the chosen technology as a service.  
To allow you to use your approved OpEx Budget.

The financial and technical due diligence will create the foundations for finance