Innovative Water Technologies for Cooling Towers

Synergy CT proudly represents in Europe  CQM technology from Israel

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CQM's technology to remove scaling and control biofouling and corrosion is based on patented self-cleaning electrodeposition and electro-chlorination technology.



There are close to 1,000 installations in 30 countries worldwide ranging from very small HVAC type, to natural flow hyperboloid cooling towers CQM systems are unique in that self cleaning keeps the systems free of deposits ensuring unattended high performance operation, and use of lesser quality water

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CQM has developed a remarkably simple system in which recycled cleansing balls are flushed through the cooling system via a natural water flow, ensuring that unwanted deposits and residue are cleaned before fouling occurs.


The internal surface of the cooling tubes are guaranteed to remain clean, resulting in improved heat transfer and reduced energy consumption. The heat exchanger tubes are being clean every 30 min automatically.