Let's save water, chemicals while doing a epic travel

For Whom?

Any industry, data center, power generation or large water users located in;

-The Netherlands






People who want to do something meaningful and be the change they want to see in the world

aboutThe Challenge

To prove that one person can make a difference.

To show that following the old ways of polluting,  wasting water and car travel are not the only way.  

To validate that treating the water with technology is better than dosing harmful chemicals

We took the challenge to do things differently and bring knowledge and water treatment technology in an epic international bicycle journey. A journey from the Netherlands to Switzerland crossing 5 countries and more than 1,000 km

The goal is to visit as many industries, data centers, and large buildings as possible to offer consultancy and implement a chemical-free treatment for their cooling water.

To set the world record on the most water and chemicals saved on a bike trip.


Get a world-class consultancy on sustainable water treatment for  free 

Evolve towards chemical-free treatment 

Save water, chemicals, and money

  Do something meaningful. Be part of a world record attempt

Join the ride. A great activity to all employees


Show the world that you care about water, sustainability and adventure  

Let's do something incredible